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Observing the Quality of Moments in Time

May Night: Overture Mayskaya noch' , for orchestra. I do work hard to stay positive. And I am a Virgo! But people see the light in me so I feel the importance of holding that and often after meditating I send light all around the earth. I think fake it til you make it is a good start but for me I know when I am faking and that is not acceptable.

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I need to live the light and love I have been so generously given and yes I have had challenges in life. Had a baby die years ago and since it has been loss and let it go over and over again. I am grateful to have been told to let the past go so my hands are open to receive the future I know they were not just joking. These last years have changed me and freed me and that brings me great joy. I find the refugees rejection so painful it makes me feel physically ill. Those souls have something they want to learn or experience or to demonstrate to the world how low we can go — whatever.

I pray and send light. And give thanks for all I have been given. Keep my joy as I know it makes a difference.

Love Songs for Sagittarius

Your story is a good one. Bless your grandparents and bless you! Thanks for writing to us. With Love, Carol. Thank you. It is indeed a difficult time. Meditation helps, clear the mind, breathe and put one foot in front of the other until the fog lifts. Hi Debra!


Loved that impression you imprinted on all of us, at least me, today. I wanted to reconnect to Spirit. I need to see the beauty in the world, the colors, the sounds, the stillness to know there is more to this, so much I have no idea of, but goodness is there. I will watch the videos you recommended. I am hungry for more! Debra Thankyou , I enjoy reading and listening to all even though I still have quite a muddle understanding everything. Coincidence or cosmic programming! Thanks again Debra for sharing so generously x. Accept the diognsis but not the prognosis.

Mars in Sagittarius: Time to Take a Risk

When you go within know that those three planets in Sag bring heat from the fire planet, warmth heals so feal the heat in your heart, focus on your well being and the love that surrounds you from near and like me the other side of this great big beautiful world. Biggest hugs. Love your positive energy Debra.

I have Sag moon. There are a lot of positive people in the world evolving in the right direction. Lets keep the ball rolling. So grateful for your well-timed poetry and courageous vulnerability. I am a student of Astrology because of your radio show.

Horoscopes for Jupiter in Sagittarius (November - December ) ~ Chani Nicholas

My transits are giving this water child much opportunity to learn to do Fire, to turn on my Observer, and to distinguish my emotional body from the Collective. Grateful for all the Air and Earth to be a student of myself. Love to us all in the seasons of Light and Quiet. Jupiter is my morning guide here in chilly Seattle!

Hi Debra, My prayers are with you. Thank you for your wonderful teachings this year. They saved me- no kidding. You are a genius!! Jane Reilly. Debra…you listen up…. This is your Scorpio Mama Tess from the Catskills howlin and a barkin at you like the mama wolf nippin at your paws…. Peace and Love….

Thank you, Debra. I absolutely love your work and videos. We are experiencing immense growing pains. It takes so much effort to maintain any sense of center right now in this world. I guess that is the task we are practicing. So much love and gratitude for you, thank you! Thank you for sharing this Debra.