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One definition, of course, is the common one which involves people heaping all sorts of abuse at you, and you taking it like a trouper. While that can definitely be the case in your situation, your emotional doormat status tends to revolve around a different definition. You are rarely jealous and possessive to the point that your lovers often feel that they can cheat on you and not have to worry about consequences.

Those with a birthday on the 12 th of March are best suited for coordinator positions. The interesting thing about coordinator positions is that these people are not necessarily leadership material. You just know how to coordinate between different groups of people. On the one hand, you are a very nice, kind and gentle person. On the other hand, you can be quite manipulative because you use your vulnerability as a sword as much as a shield.

This is the good side of your personality. Once you get into that dangerous territory, then all bets are off. What would otherwise have been your positive traits can easily turn into negative ones. One of the things Pisces people born on March 12 really need to work on is their tendency to become manipulative.

Do yourself a favor and freeze some of those emotions. While Neptune does have an idealistic, nurturing and caring side, it can also be very unreasonable and overbearing. This is, of course, your manipulative side talking.

Do yourself a big favor and try to strike some balance between your inner insecurity and your need to compensate by manipulating those around you. Believe it or not, there is a happy middle ground. While being manipulative can be second nature to you, you should avoid that temptation.

March 12 Zodiac Sign

You would be much happier if you did. The color Wheat means connectedness, it means sustenance, and it means comfort. It can also breed mold and decay. The luckiest numbers for people born on the 12 th of March are — 17, 25, 44, 38 and Being born on 12th March makes you a Pisces, which is a star sign that has a fantastic sense of romance and amour to it. The same can be said of showy and dramatic Leo, and so sparks can invariably fly whenever these two star signs get together. Often this leaves the 12th March individual out in the cold, and triggers some clingy behaviour that just alienates Leo all the more.

Leo will waste no time lapping up that attention, but might have little meaningful to offer in return — everything has to be about them! Your creativity has brought progress in your field of expertise. Although you seek fun, you prefer a comfortable lifestyle. This means that you love being at your home. As such, you ensure that your home is well taken care of. You like traveling close to water sources. Your happiest moments are when you take a vacation to the seas and oceans.

You are friendly to people. Your agenda is to make their living conditions better. In this endeavor, you somewhat succeed.

There is a lot that you are doing for your community. This is because you are wise and accepting. As a big dreamer, you are ready to sacrifice for the sake of your family and friends. Your philanthropic endeavors will never go unrewarded. One good turn deserves another. Mother Nature has a lot in store for you! Optimism is infectious.

March Zodiac Sign

Since you radiate so much of this quality, people are comfortable in your presence. Use this to your advantage. You can change the course of humanity for the better in time.

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However, you have a few character flaws that you need to work on. These weaknesses have the potential to impede your progress.

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For example, you tend to be hypersensitive. This makes people perceive you as dramatic.

Characteristics and Personality

You do this to attract the compassion and sympathy of others. Also, you make some critical decisions based on whims. This is fatal to your long-term goals. Learn to rely more on reality.

All About the Zodiac Signs

This way, you will not be setting yourself for disappointments. All in all, you are destined to be truly happy. Your security is paramount, and you need to lay emphasis on it. Learn to depend on yourself — you will never find confidence in other people. Remember to pat yourself on the back for every achievement.

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This will enable you to achieve true emotional balance. March 12 zodiac people are in the 3rd decan of Pisces. They are in the same category as people born between March 11 and March The planet Pluto has a lot of influence on your life. As such, you reflect many qualities that belong to this celestial body.

These are the stronger qualities of Pisces. You come across as kind, nice, and gentle. However, some people perceive you to be manipulative. Your vulnerability is both a shield and a sword. You need to avoid this.

March 12 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

Lay more emphasis on being a bridge to those who have issues of misunderstanding. You are destined to go far, to achieve a lot in life. This is because you know how to mix logic, affection, and friendliness with realism. However, you still need to refine your people skills. You can be an excellent coordinator in any industry. You have the requisite skills to bring people together. This does not mean that you are a natural leader.

You are more of a bridge that plants peace where there is discord. This is a very important position in any organization.