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The history of divination is long and fascinating. Today, the use of divination of tools continues to grow as people learn about the techniques of the past. For more information on divination, visit the pages below. Posted on February 16, Sophia Loren. Divination Tools Tarot cards are one of the more well known divination tools.

There are 78 tarot cards in a deck that can be read to foretell the future. There are different types of tarot decks including those for beginners.

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I Ching divining coins were used by sages in Ancient China to provide divinely informed consultation to nobles and the wealthy. The coins are used to compose a hexagram based on the numbers accumulated from tossing them. Tails indicates yin while heads indicates yang. Spirit boards, also known as Ouija boards, have been used in different cultures for thousands of years.

They are used to communicated with beings in the spirit world to seek out predictions of the future and answers to questions.

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Runes was originally a Germanic language writing system but there is evidence to show that they were used for reasons of magic as well. Runes however are fairly new to use in divination magic. Runes consist of a set of tiles that are drawn from a pouch and tossed.

Crystal balls conjure images of psychics reading the future but the use of crystals in divination can be traced back to the Druids of Britain. You have brilliant new ideas and inspiration for new projects. You ll be filled with inspiration, bliss and unique creativity.

Take chance now!

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You are at this time, when you need more help and collaboration with another person or people , who has similar ideas and life approach as yours. Let your soul free from the Shell.

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Feeling vulnerable, insecure in many respects and that feelings may hinder you from your goal. They are illusions. You feel peaceful and comfortable in the serene atmosphere of your home. This is like your magical castle, separating you from the not so nice environment and flow outside. You choose to live in your quiet and solitude zone, where is your sacred space, and where you surround yourself with all what you love — people, books, music, flowers. Actions what you need to do? The Emperor. Now is the exact time to put all things in action, to move forward with your current projects and obligations.

Consider mastering qualities like: self-discipline, being direct and honest, fearlessness and looking the truth in the face. What do you need to let in? Truth and moral values are very power assets for you now.

Let go of fears and insecurities about which way to go. You are powerful to create your own world in the way you wish, using your mind.

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Make sure that you are going through all situations and challenges with truth, open heart, honour and sense of responsibility. What you need to let go? Let go of your confused mind and imagination that creates illusionary pictures. Things you see in your fantasies are not real. Living in a magical world is quite beautiful, but you need to return back to the solid ground. Let go of your conflicting desires.

Too much passion or enthusiasm without foundation can lead to burning. You feel emotionally overwhelmed by many things around; Hardly you manage to keep up with all your obligations and tasks. Step aside and let things settle down.