Horoscop capricorn 4 january

You might become aware of your feelings for or about someone. While it's important to embrace emotions surfacing now, keep in mind that they're still a little raw and that you would benefit from taking the time to process them before taking action. You might decide to channel some of the spirited energy you're experiencing now into a special project as you process your emotions.

Horoscope Overview for November for Capricorn:. November brings a strong focus on your happiness goals, friendships, and associations, dear Capricorn. It also offers a powerful time for taking care of unfinished business, as well as for healing, relaxing, and getting in touch with your inner world.

You're in good shape for finding inspiration, particularly in your studies, personal interests, and communications this month. You're both practical and imaginative, celebrating both sides of your personality.

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Finding new meaning in what you're learning and communicating can enrich your experience considerably now, inspiring you to take better care of yourself. Mercury is retrograde until the 20th, and it may be best to reserve judgment on some issues until you have all the information you need.