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On the night of May 4, all hearth fires are extinguished. All fires are snuffed out. The people assemble at the highest point in the area.

A bonfire, a sacred fire of four holy woods, is assembled and lit with a friction fire started with oak by the druid priest. From the sacred fire torches are lit and the new fire is carried back to relight the hearth fires in the homes. In some areas more fires might be lighted and livestock walked between the fires to purify them that they bear healthy young.

This time in the year has been celebrated for ages with holidays, holy days, and festivals. May Day festivities fell off in the U. Everything which Taurus touches should be productive if it is at all to be considered as significant.

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But production depends upon the control of the basic energies of human or earthly nature. Taurus insists on making energy productive. Productive energy—energy which is controlled and formed—is power. Thus Taurus is a power-sign of the Zodiac. It is one of the four great moments of the year-cycle when life operates definitely and creatively in terms of power and purpose.

Monday, March 18, Spring Equinox When local standard time there reaches Sunday, March 31, , AM clocks are turned forward 1 hour to Sunday, March 31, , AM, local daylight time. When the Sun's path along the Ecliptic where the Signs or Zodiac are aligned with solstices and equinoxes crosses the Celestial Equator from the South to the North we have the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring, zero degrees of Aries. The longer nights of the winter season are now in equal balance with daylight.

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From this point, the length of daylight grows. It is the beginning point of the Zodiac that astrologers use for measure All points in the eight-fold year defined by the astronomical measure of solstices, equinoxes, and the midpoints between those are marked by human celebrations, holidays, and holy days.

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There are holy days with the Jewish and Christian calendars also with Chinese, Hindu, and other systems of reckoning that combine New and Full Moons with solstices and equinoxes. Some astrologers chart the Vernal Equinox Aries Ingress and derive information about at least three and at most twelve months following. Other astrologers favor the Winter Solstice Capricorn Ingress for the twelve months following that event. Many mundane astrologers will chart all four, Solstices and Equinoxes, and utilize those charts for a sense of the three months that follow those.

The chart for the first day of Spring is said to be in effect, for the year until next Spring. It is considered especially strong until the Summer Solstice chart "comes in" in June. Happy Solstice! Current technology gives easy access to calculate the precise moment of astronomical phenomena, including of the cross-quarter days, those that are mid-way between the solstices and equinoxes. The quarters represent change-points in energy-patterning, in terms of light. The cross-quarters represent change-points in manifest energy, in terms of visible seasonal changes.

The peaks of the four seasons show themselves at the cross-quarters. Those who minded such things were advisers to kings and to farmer folk. They had the respect of those whom they advised. Some were scientifically oriented, some were more intuitively minded. They were priests, nuns, druids, shamans, witches, and wizards who had respect as men and women of wisdom.

Their attunement to the astronomical had nothing like the precision of timing offered here, and that timing may not be a superior tool for its accuracy. Brigid found on Etsy Inspired by "Sacred Celebrations, A Sourcebook" The active phase of life in the Northern Hemisphere is beginning as daylight lengthens and the sun returns warmth. This awareness might be combined with intuitive receptive energy and what has been assimilated and understood on inner levels during the winter months is source material for the season ahead.

It is a time for new beginnings, emerging ideas, and the outer growth of personal seeds from their incubation period within.

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She catches the Sun about 15 hours after the cross quarter moment still within the 15th degree of the cross quarter. The final hours before the Moon joins the degree where the Sun is gives a sense of absolute consolidation. The cycle in completion is about to birth a new cycle from the loved or hated stuff of the closing cycle as it is dying and being born.

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This from history. This beauty is via Glastonbury Dragons. Sun conjunct Juno. Sun conjunct Vesta.

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Sun conjunct Neptune. Sun conjunct Saturn. Sun conjunct Lilith. Sun conjunct Mars. Sun conjunct Uranus. Sun conjunct North Node. Sun conjunct Jupiter. Sun enters Aquarius. Mars enters Pisces. Mercury enters Aquarius.

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