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I saw it.. So I wanted to see where it fell, thats all.. Yeah that's the only Lion On the list that I could find. All objects on the minor planet list are discovered minor planets asteroids,centaurs,transneptunians I don't know why you checked the minor planet list and then picked the asteroid Lion-Stoppato thinking it was Lion,the hypothetical transneptunian.

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That's the only thing with Lion It was just a quick hypothetical look, I wasnt really looking into it, just saw it and that it was kind of funny.. All times are Eastern Standard Time. Depending on their particular outlook, it goes by the name of Persephone, Bacchus, Isis, or Chaos-Apeiron. I found the latter much more convincing.

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According to the author, Bacchus plays a significant role in the charts calculated for the times and places of earthquakes, definitely reflecting the mythology around his name-giving deity. This trait supposedly becomes particularly evident in the combination of Bacchus with Mars. He is furthermore trine the Moon and trine Pluto. Now, the next two charts are for occurrences not much later, so some of these same aspects are still active. They can be regarded an ongoing influence that triggered a series of earthquakes.

Moreover, there is still the opposition to Neptune, plus an opposition to Mercury. Also, we see him exactly trine the Sun, plus semi-sextile Saturn. Besides, he is semi-sextile the Sun, sextile Mercury, square Venus.

The Feminine’s Stepping Up

They do not seem to have any astronomical foundation either, yet my limited experimentation with them seems to confirm the effects they are said to have in so-called Uranian astrology. While worthy of our attention, none of these influences in any way lessen the immense significance that the localization of further huge planetary bodies in the solar system will have for astrology.

Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology and commented: This is an interesting article, and it may be sufficiently compelling that I might consider adding Transpluto to my future charts. Like Like. Such is the power of the Square — it facilitates creative breakthroughs and the discovery of new solutions that transcend old hierarchies or understandings of power as I see them. However, if the Square aspect is seen as a burden to bear, then … it shall be but all but too happy to oblige you by playing the role to perfection.

So how squares affect you really depend upon the way you view them — as challenges to face, obstacles to be blocked by, or the opportunity for a new energy of creation to be birthed! A T-Square is formed by three bodies — The apex of the alignment links to the other two by way of a square aspect each , whilst the other two bodies are opposed one another. In this case, that is the powerful stellium grouping of the Moon, Saturn and Pallas Athena in Sagittarius — to which we now turn. Saturn 2 Sagittarius asks us to look at the structures or foundations of the ways in which we see the world, be it through philosophy, ideology, academic perspectives, organized religion, adventures, foreign travel and so forth.

We are also called to question those we see as authorities in these aspects of our lives mentors, teachers, spiritual figures, etc. The flip-side of the Moon here can manifest as a desire to experience that which confirms our basic view of the world and the way we relate to it — or even, to retreat into the comfort of the familiar, forsaking the unknown. One might also find their biological mother as a catalyst in triggering this particular T-Square as she may express certain ideas that deeply touch or affect your most cherished world-views.

Please note that asteroid Hybris is at 7 Sagittarius, quite literally representing what it sounds like — the quality of Hubris! Be open to questioning your perspectives and established ways of looking at things.

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Taking this together, the Moon — Pallas Athena — Saturn stellium in Sagittarius is really about the search for what kinds of ways of viewing the world and your place in it are truly enduring. It is a search of truth, but through different aspects of the self, bridging logic, emotions, intuitions and so on. These are energies that know no limitation or boundary, just as the Ocean does. They cleanse you from within and remind you of the Interconnectedness of All.

Just as a gentle sea and a ferocious tsunami both erode away at the material boundaries that seek to define them, the energy of Neptune is the ultimate expression of Formless Dissolution. And through this Dissolution of Form, this Death of Ego and parting of the Veil, Neptune ultimately leads you to a state of Transcendental Compassion, associated with spiritual figures such as Jesus of Narazeth and Lord Shiva.

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Whilst embedded in very different spiritual traditions, they share certain key similarities possibly material for another post. Mars 3 Pisces is linked to our drives, our ability to go forth and acquire or actualize that which we desire — and with the animus male aspect of psyche in all beings.

He is, in mythology, the God of War. The martial drive of Mars is challenged here.


Just as you cannot charge through a body of water, or seek to separate yourself from it — Mars is challenged to adopt a different perspective so that it can use its energy. Rather than charging through, Mars has to learn how to meander, how to sway, how to find subtlety, how to move through the secret cracks in the walls towards its destination.

Somehow its energy becomes more secret, hidden, mysterious and elusive. We see the movement and power of the Warrior indirectly, in the same way that we see the story told by a shadow puppet only on the canvas in front of it. In an everyday sense, this may refer to a need to stop trying to push, contain or be rigid about the way we feel we need to act on certain things.

One aligned with what we call Spirit. In cases like these, self loathing is not the answer — simply allow the past to Dissolve in the Waters of Spirit, and allow them to cleanse you anew.

Personal updates and other things: This is not a horoscope!

Self-forgiveness and compassion for yourself is one of the best things you can do if you find yourself in this position. Cycles of blame, shame, victimization only repeat the past. Let this be a deep time of processing as we prepare for the end of one Mars cycle — and the beginning of a new one as it enters Aries.

Please bear in mind that excesses of Piscean energy are associated with different kinds of addictions, obsessive behaviors, forms of escapism be it through substances, people, etc. Some of the deep emotions that arise at this time may be riddled with illusions you bear about your own self-worth and purpose — so remember to take it easy on yourself, as best you can. Others may find themselves comfortable with romanticized illusions that veer away from the work that needs to be done.

Another possibility to bear in mind. So, taken together — Mars and Neptune in Pisces challenge the way we connect with Spirit through the Warrior Archetype within ourselves.

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