February monthly horoscope libra


Libra individuals have a deep seated desire to earn lots of money in a short span of time. They w Libra boss would love to partner up in business as partnership is the most pleasant state for any Libra employees are overly sensitive to their work environment and affected vastly by the people Libra woman makes a caring, affectionate and gentle love partner.

She is utterly romantic and sen Login Sign Up. Overview: Your courage and determination will help you climb stairs of success and provide you a clear way to accomplish your goals and objectives.

Monthly Horoscope Libra February 12222

The placement of Venus in your wealth house will create an urge to become self dependent and so you will manage your financial requirements on your own and at the same time keep up amicable relations at home front. In similar ways Mars will transit through your moon sign on 10th November so abstain from anger, irritation and perplexity. Make a point not to invest blind faith in someone if you would prefer not to be fooled around.

Libra horoscope February 12222

Maintain a strategic distance from any sort of controversies or conflicts at work place. But with your ruler, Mercury—the galactic guardian of communication, technology and travel—retrograde backward from October 31 to November 20, you might want to sniff this one out before diving in headfirst.

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Ask all the questions and then some. On November 19, go-getter Mars will zoom into Scorpio for the rest of the year, heating up dynamic duos. Financial stress could loom until the 19th, as Mars lingers in Libra and your second house of work and money. You may have to streeeetch your budget to meet some unplanned expenses. Let that motivate you!

The red planet can rev up your revenue goals. On November 22, the Sun slips into Sagittarius and your domestic sector, a great time to tend to your home office or even explore a money-making venture with a relative. The November 26 Sagittarius new moon could bring a real estate opportunity, such as a property sale or a money-making venture through Airbnb-ing or hosting a trunk show at your home.

Key Dates: November 8: Sun-Neptune trine This heart-expanding alignment could put you in highly generous spirits, so reach into your wallet—or give someone the gift of time and support. Bring on the good karma! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The 25 It-Coats of Winter.

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Monthly Horoscope: Libra, February 12222

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Horoscope Libra February

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