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Cts,oll pace RT Vlglntll degrees apart, slightly good. X Seml-sextlle degrees apart, slightly good. Q Qulntll degrees apart, slightly good.

Sesqulquadrat degrees apart, slightly adverse. Opposltlon degrees a'part, adverse. The parallel, complete when planets a:e In the same degree and minute of MttlnatVm. The degree of declination of planets may tile found In the Ephemeris. Do not confu. Se declination with longitude. Those gj. X Parallel L Opposition Q Trl;e Square Same aeg. L 45 Semi-square 1 ,36' Decile X 30" Seml-sextlle! The other aspects are list!

The weakest 'fredecile is at end of ofist. Its In l'lenceIo S apart. Ito lnll'benee Ia llollvene. Ita lnlluence Ia pacl t:. Its Inllueuce Ia llollvene. When one planet Is wltllle Ito orb ot the body of another plnnet, or with the cusp of s hou81! Allow the full orb of a planet to form a major aspect. P Parallel-Means equal dlst11nce from The celestial equator, norllb or south, or one utella r body north and the other south of It.

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A parallel of declination has tlte same etred as a conjunction. Allow an orb of. The declln ntlons of planets are to be found In an Ephemeris for date. Minor Aspects. QeQulntlle degrees aport, sllgJtly gOld: has an orb of 4 u. An Orderly Tabulation of Aspects Always count the shortest way through the zodiac in the chart, either forward or balk, to figure an aspect.

When a benefic planet is found to b1e retrograde m11rked R in the Ephemeris, its power for good is weafcened. When a malefic planet is retrograde its malignancy is magnified. Then take Mercury, it being next in speed. Saturn to I Uranus to See "Orb of Influence Explained. This rule applies particularly to the Sun's conjunctions, as it is likely that its orb in major aspects is perceptible to the senses only 12 degrees before and after an exact aspect.


Thl Moon's orb is 8 degrees when approaching a major-aspect, and 12 degrees when leaving it. Exampie--Moon in. Example-Mercury 13 degreer. The applying planet comes into aspect and that aspect begins to operate as soon as the planet's orb reaches the degree constituting the aspect. The quality of this influence is determined by the na- ture of the aspect, i.

Suppose that Mars is approaching Jupiter: When Mars gets within 8 degrees of the place in thl! Example-Mars 1 degtee in Leo, Juptter '! CY whether an aspect is forming or separating. It is very important to know whether an aspect is applying or waning. In the orb of aspect with the Sun or Moon the.

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Note: This same "overlapping of orbs" occurs be- tween the vigintile, quindccile, semi-sextile and decile aspect if an orb of 4 degrees is used for minor aspects; hence. Coun't the numbt! For instance: The orb of Jupiter is said to be 10 degrees; the orb of the influence of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune is 8 degrees, while the orb of the Sun is 12 degrees; the 1ioon 8 degrees. Probaply tht! It i:; more tha'h three times as large and. Y t, such iG the. The picture.

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In qns chart pnder observation the Sun is,eleven de- grees lacking partite opposition to "Saturn, ruler of the house of sickness in that chart. The Sun's apparent motion by transit. Because the native has. Separation: Moving away from the partile; a dimin- ution. J PlatM: aspects are those which lire not. The aspects which are in operation at the time of a birth are of particular signifi- cance to that individual.

The following diagram is a sjmple illustrar10n of as- 4 pec. The humftn has the 'advantage of being al'11e to accept. Man Is frl'l' within the conftnes of Cosmic J. Diagrammapc Illustl'ati,on df Aspects. Dexter and sinister positions also have significance in that the influence of the rays of an aspector planet must necelisarily be of somewhat different quality or effect when it is moving away dexter from the aspected planc! But this difference is not sufficiently per- cept,ble to define its effect ih nativities.

They are mentione,d here simply as information and not as a feature to be stressed. In the orb of aspect with the Sun or Moon the line of demarcation between the Sextile and Quintile, par- ticularly1 seems rather obscure, but that is of little mo- ment because both aspects areof the same qualitr. The degree of declination of planets may be found in the Ephemeris.

Note: In Horar "' astrology any planet conjunction with the Sun is adverse, being "combtl'. Solar Aspects The table. SextiTe, 50 to 68 degrees apart Good Quintile, 68 to 76 degrees apart Adverse Tredecile, to degrees apart Good Ses9uiquadrate, to deg. Biquintile, !

Adverse Conjunction, 12 degrees approaclring a planet or ' point in the. Lunar Aspects! Sextife, 52 to 68 degrees apart.. Good Quintile, 68 to 76 degrees apart.. Bi-quintile, to degrees apart Inter-Pianttary MulUa1 ,Aspects ' f r- "'. The orb of Pluto has not been definitely ascertained. Vigintile, 16 to 20 degrees apart Sextile, 52 to 68 degrees apart.. Cood Quintile, 68 to 76 degrees apart..

Adverse Tredecile, to degrees apart.. Good Sesquiquadrate, f33 to deg. Bi-quintile, to deg.

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Opposition, to 18i degrees apart Adverse Conjunction, within 8 degrees approaching or leaf- ing a planet or point in the zodiac. In following Nature's urge we not only feel goocf during good aapeda but we ypress our feelings In pleasant thoughts, words II. Aatroloey polota the way. Venus and MerCJ.

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Where declinations of planets are given for every third day, if your required date is one not shown, re- me! The result is motion in 3 days; if you need to go 1 day farthc;. In Part II of. In the Simplified Scientific Ephemeris the declinatiom. Beginners need not try toereauce the aeellnauon 01 the above named planets to the hour and min.

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The object of working on the dec- linations is to compare them one with another to ascer- tain if any are in parallel; i. Parallels so:ound , are recorded in the list of aspects, as illustrated later on, because the effect of a parallel is of similar nature to a conjunction. Planetary angles or aspects are one 'of the chief Influences ,wltlch direct the matabollstlc proeesse11 of the hody. Herem lies the crux f how planets affect people.

We lind planetary vlbrallons giving dhectlon to metabolism expand lng, contractlhg and ot. PAR'r I. CHART ' The exact conjunction of Sun and Moon is good ex- cept when beset by unravorable aspects, although it tendi'o ".

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Mercury Good-Conj. Venus Good-Conj.