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But the science became fully developed with the coming of the laser in A holographic image is so lifelike that a viewer can see around things in a holograph by moving his head just as he looks around the real object. He was professor of mathematics. His view that all falling bodies, great or small, descend with equal velocity, made him unpopular with the orthodox scientists. He improved telescope and with it was the first man to see the satellites of Jupiter. He is a teacher in the California Institute of Technology. Born in New York in , Prof Gell-Mann has been the leading theorist in elementary particle research for the last 15 years.

By he had put some of his ideas into practice. He is looked upon as one of the pioneers of space research. He did remarkable work on diffusion of substances in solution. He won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in It was Hahn who had proved in that atomic fission can be achieved by bombarding uranium with neutrons. The discovery revolutionised atomic science. He is the first Canadian to win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Co-winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, , belongs to Cornell.

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His researches into the genetic code and its function in building protein led to the discovery of the complete structure of a transfer RNA molecule and the way it works. Hopkins, Sir Frederick Gowland: He was an eminent English biochemist famous for his important work on proteins and vitamins. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in for the discovery of Vitamin D.

He discovered 3 laws of planetary motion that bear his name viz. Kepler had evolved a set of laws governing man in space with rare prescience. In a kind of allegory, he referred to the dangers of solar radiation, the need to overcome gravitational resistance, gravitational capture of spacecraft by the moon etc.

What he wrote nearly years ago was, however, little understood and his family was persecuted for it. His mother had to die in jail having been condemned as a witch. He deciphered the genetic code and later created an artificial gene.

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He was the first to use antiseptic treatment for wounds; introduced antiseptic surgery. Lodge, Sir Oliver Joseph: He is chiefly known for his researches on radiation, and the relation between matter and ether. He remains very much in the news for tracking space-ships. Author of Agro-biology, Lysenko gained fame as a Soviet geneticist. In , he declared the Mendelian theory obsolete and erroneous.

He was a German theoretical physicist who formulated the quantum theory which revolutionized physics. He makes a mention of crucibles, distillation stills, sublimation, colouring process, alloying of metals, extraction of copper and use of many metallic oxides in medicines. Indian scientist; co-author of Hoyle-Narlikar Theory of continuous creation. The new theory of gravitation propounded by both the scientists, Narlikar and Hoyle, shows that gravitation is always attractive and there is no gravitational repulsions.

He discovered binomial theorem; the differential and integral calculus. He expounded the universal law of gravitation. He is author of Principia Mathematica. Nirenberg is the author of a very simple but ingenious experiment which helped a great deal in clarifying the general character of the genetic code. He was the first to employ laudanum and antimony in Pharmacy.

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He made researches in silkworm disease, anthrax, and hydrophobia. He applied the quantum theory to chemistry and was awarded Nobel Prize for his contribution to the electrochemical theory of valency. His work on study of crystal structure is of unique importance. Feb 28 is celebrated every year as National Science Day. He was awarded Nobel Prize in His work about nitrous acid and its salts deserves special mention. He did notable work in the accurate determination of atomic weights and was awarded Nobel Prize in He discovered X-rays, also called Rontgen rays.

He was awarded the first Nobel Prize in for discovery of X-Rays. British scientist awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry in for his work in determining the composition of the insulin molecule. By his discovery he has put science a step forward towards knowing how disease attacks the human body. In , he became only the fourth person ever to be awarded a second Nobel Prize.


Sarabhai, Dr Vikram A. Simpson, Sir James Young: He was a pioneer of research into atomic disintegration. He wrote an important book on medicine and also a thesis on the medical properties of garlic. Sutherland, Dr Earl W. He has demonstrated that changes in the level of cyclic A. This discovery opens up new vistas for the development of drugs that can treat diseases which have so far been regarded as incurable. He discovered the electron which inaugurated the electrical theory of the atom.

He is regarded as the founder of modern physics. He is looked upon as the earliest among the pioneers who laid the foundations of space exploration. He was one of the nine gems of the court of king Vikramaditya. The book carried a more or less accurate prediction of the launching and flight of Apollo The volt is named after him.

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Russian scientist best known for his method of preventing or delaying senility by grafting healthy animal glands, into the human body. He invented steam engine. Mullah, Marx and Mujahid R. Forster Assassination of a Prime Minister S. Anandram Assignment Colombo J. Chaudhuri Autumn Leaves O. Douglas Big Money P. Wodehouse Bill the Conqueror P.

Yeats Caesar and Cleopatra G. Michener Cardinal Henry M. Eliot Confrontation with Pakistan Gen.

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